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“Dance, Strolling, Rearranging Furnishings” Carter Pewterschmidt, also referred to as Cartermiroquai, refers to a track sung by Household Man character Carter Pewterschmidt within the Season 14 episode, “Scammed Yankees.” The track and cut-away gag are a spoof on the music video for Jamiroquai’s “Digital Madness.” The video and Carter Pewterschmidt’s singing grew to become a meme on iFunny and TikTok, predominantly beginning in early 2023.


On January seventeenth, 2016, Season 14, Episode 12 of Household Man titled “Scammed Yankees” aired on American tv. In a single scene, Peter and Lois Griffin point out a time when Lois’ father, Carter Pewterschmidt, was left alone at house with out his spouse Babs and began rearranging the furnishings. Then, a cut-away gag surfaced exhibiting Carter singing a parody of Jamiroquai’s track “Digital Madness,” particularly parodying Jamiroquai’s music video wherein he is in a room with a tall hat as furnishings is shifting freely round him. The Household Man scene was uploaded to YouTube on January nineteenth, 2016, by YouTuber Phisixdude who titled it, “Cartermiroquai,” gaining roughly 826,100 views and 25,000 likes in seven years (proven beneath).

Dance, strolling, rearranging furnishings,

Babs is, buying.

I let the chicken out of the cage.

On April 4th, 2021, YouTuber ImaSm3my posted a 10-minute model of the House Guy scene, gaining roughly 26,000 views in two years. Nevertheless, memetic utilization of the Household Man scene and also Carter Pertwerschmidt’s “Digital Chaos” cowl began en masse on iFunny in November 2021. At the moment, the earliest recognized meme on iFunny utilizing the scene was uploaded on November tenth, 2021, by iFunnyer Plaboteur, incomes over 190 smiles in a yr and a half (proven beneath).


In November 2021, a number of iFunnyers posted memes with the scene. For example, on November thirteenth, 2021, iFunnyer shlort posted a video clip that changed the audio with a canopy of the SpongeBob SpongeBob, Patrick Patrick track from TikTok, incomes roughly 3,000 smiles in a yr and also a half (proven beneath, left). Just a few months later, on July thirty first, 2022, iFunnyer SherkKing resurfaced the development by mashing it with the Half Life ‘In The Digital Finish’ meme, gaining roughly 1,900 smiles in six months (proven beneath, proper).

On TikTok

On December eighth, 2022, TikToker epic_gamer_official posted the Cartermiroquai video, incomes roughly 125,400 performs and 15,200 likes in a single month (proven beneath, left). On January twenty fifth, 2023, TikToker ch3zburrg3r posted the video, captioning it, “POV: The category when the instructor goes exterior,” and gaining roughly 2.6 million performs and 408,300 likes in 4 days (proven beneath, proper).

After the aforementioned video’s virality, the scene and track have been used en masse on TikTok. For example, on January twenty seventh, 2023, TikToker .zuccherofilato posted an iteration with the My Each day Schedule: 1pm – Wake Up template, incomes roughly 3 million performs and 477,700 likes in two days (proven beneath, left). References to the meme expanded to end up being extra meta thereafter because it grew to become oversaturated. For example, on January twenty eighth, 2023, TikToker tiztosteron posted a video that confirmed the scene in German, incomes roughly 1.2 million performs and also 237,500 sort in sooner or later (tested underneath, correct).

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