FFXIV Eureka Orthos Flooring 71-100 Information – Beating Excalibur, Directors, and Proto-Calia

After completion FFXIV The Eureka Orthos storyline is a meaty a part of the dungeon deep as much as ground 30, after which ground 70, when it is time to wrap issues up. In case you’ve made it this far, congratulations, however the issue is just going to go up from right here. As at all times, our primary suggestion is to not pull extra mobs than you may deal with and keep away from harm when attainable. There aren’t actually many DPS checks outdoors of sure mobs. Orthos is all about understanding talents and avoiding one hit kills. This is how you can full Eureka Orthos flooring 71 by way of 100!

Eureka Orthos Flooring 71 to 80

Notable New Crowds:

  • Orthos Unicorn: When mixed, it knocks the participant again 3 times. Place your self towards the wall to remain in place (and ensure to not appeal to too many monsters).
  • Orthos Curl: The rear cone has an AoE referred to as tail swing should you get behind. Moreover, it makes a quick velocity, vast and enormous cone assault referred to as Large Blaster.
  • Orthos primlephos: A brief, late-telegraphed spell referred to as Rear is some extent clean AoE.
  • Orthokunoichi: As earlier than, This group can kill low HP gamers.
  • Orthos Gulo Gulo: The Killing Paw, a telegraphed AoE, hits twice.
  • Orthoses Corgas: Winds of Winter is a big AoE; You have to lose line of sight or be shocked earlier than this character can set off.
  • Orthos Sasquatch: An enormous AoE could be forged whereas out of fight that may be a one-shot-kill. You must watch out even when strolling on the identical ground as this beast. It is simply lethal.
  • Orthos hen: Eye of the Fierce is a gaze assault that kills. Look away from the gang to keep away from it.
  • Orthos Flamebeast: Blistering Roar is a late-telegraphed, massively vast AoE assault that does not get line-of-sight. Be ready to maneuver rapidly.
  • Orthos Skaten: Chirp: Line-of-sight or outrange it. In any other case, you will go to sleep and die to the next AoE assault.
  • Orthos Thunderbeast: If the participant is behind it, the gang will bend and vacate the purpose. In the meantime, Spark will probably be an enormous donut AoE, so keep shut. Then it instantly hits with some extent clean AoE, so keep away.

Boss: Proto-Calia

Capability 1 – Borrowfield

Turns the sting of the world right into a kill zone.

Capacity 2 – Nanospore Jet

creates magnetic poles on the skin of the particle.

Capacity 3 – Concentrated nerve fuel

Konal AoE in entrance of Kali; Dodge to the perimeters or again to keep away from.

Capacity 4 – Nerve fuel to the left or proper

That is truly an offset half-arena cleave. For instance, the model on the left cuts all the way in which from northwest to southeast behind the boss.

When the magnets outdoors the world are ripped aside by a breath assault, they hearth an AoE streak by way of the middle of the world after some time. It could overlap with different mechanics.

The boss will carry out a complete of 5 of those assaults in a row.

In the course of the assault, you might be connected to a pole and you might be given a magnet. Opposites appeal to, matches repel, pushing or pulling gamers

Capacity 5 – Nerve Gasoline Ring

This leaves a small secure enviornment subsequent to however not below the boss. You must push or pull your self to your magnet to cease close to the boss.

Capacity 6 – Resonance

It is a tankbuster. Mitigate and heal accordingly.

The boss now repeats (Nanospor Jet Nerve Gasoline x 4 Nerve Gasoline Ring with Magnet Pull) till completion.

Eureka Orthos Flooring 81 to 90

At this level, it’s important to in the reduction of on questing, struggle lone mobs without delay, and preserve pomanders for the ultimate degree flooring.

Notable New Crowds:

  • Orthos Hectase: Catharsis is an enormous AoE that does not stun. Hex Eye One other look mechanic (melee vary solely).
  • Orthos Catoblepas: The Demon Eye is one other wanting machine, though the mobs will not be aggressive.
  • Arthurian Vehicles: Glass Punch Late-Telegraph Frontal Cone AoE assault.
  • Orthos Deep: Hypnotize is, you guessed it, one other view AoE. A mob can apply vulnerability with its area-of-effect assaults.
  • Orthos Pudding: Darkish II is a big cone AoE assault.
  • Orthos Spartoi: Umbra Smash is a quick forged, level clean AoE with a quite giant radius.
  • Orthos Wraith: Scream is a late telegraphed (and big) AoE assault.
  • Orthos Ahriman: Blustering Blink is only a large line AoE.
  • Orthos Specter: Mobs use a left/proper sweep. It is greater than a 180 diploma cone, so keep away from the back and front. Encircled Burst is a big level clean AoE.

Boss: Supervisor

Competency 1 – Assist programs

Summons interceptor models across the room, which do nothing at first, however will quickly be used.

Capacity 2 – Inhibitory sequence

There are three kinds of models. Every is assigned a 1, 2, or 3 and fires in that order.

Containers hearth line AoEs in entrance of them
Eggs make a large angle slit
Orbs do donut AoE

Functionality 3 – Exterior lasers

Be the boss.


Capacity 3 – Cross lasers

Be diagonal to the place the triangles on the boss meet.

Capacity 4 – Laserstream

Raidwide harm.

Competency 5 – Assist Programs

This time will probably be all containers. They present a charging animation earlier than successively firing the identical row of AoEs as earlier than.

Functionality 6 – Parallel execution

The containers will begin to cost up and gamers will begin dropping AoEs the place they’re standing. Stand away from one aspect of the containers, dodge this AoE, then transfer to the AoE you ignored.

Competency 7 – Assist Programs (once more)

Functionality 8 – Salvo Script

Two partitions are lined with containers and two cardinal instructions comprise eggs. Stand between the 2 eggs on the periphery, one tile from the nook of the wall.

The boss now repeats (Assist Programs Interception Sequence Cross Lasers LaserStream Assist Programs Parallel Execution Assist Programs Salvo Script) till completion.

FFXIV Scholar melds and BIS gear list for the average player, no Savage required.

Eureka Orthos Flooring 91 to 100

There’s a boss on the 99th ground. For flooring 96, 97, 98, nevertheless, Be happy to make use of up all of the buffs you do not need to maintain onto for the ultimate struggle. These are the worst locations to do away with your race, and there is not any cause to carry onto issues like storm protomanders anymore.

Notable New Crowds:

  • Orthosystem Alpha: Etherchemical Laser Alpha is a big, vast, conical AoE.
  • Orthosystem Y: Excessive Voltage is an enormous AoE, however interrupts. The ring cannon is a donut AoE.
  • Orthodrone: Auto-detonates upon dying in a big AoE.
  • Orthos Mining Drone: 4 knockback hits, so keep close to the wall once more to keep away from getting knocked down by one thing salty. Aetherochemical Cannon, in the meantime, is a half-room fissure.
  • Orthos Motherboard: Citadel Buster, a quick, late telegraphed assault, hits as an AoE line.
  • Orthos Jugnal: AoE outdoors of a giant battle. A pounce errant identifies a participant; Then they need to be remoted as a result of it jumps and rips wherever they stand.
  • Orthos Sphinx: Bare Soul is a gaze assault. Look away accordingly. Swingay is a late-telegraph, quick and cone-shaped AoE.
  • Servomechanical orthochimera
    • Voice of Dragons, Get Beneath the Bass (Like Final Time) Or Ram’s voice, steer clear of the monster (like final time).
    • adopted by one of many following three:
      • Return by way of the ice on the correct aspect.
      • Dragons breathe the left aspect slit, return.
      • Scorpion’s tail, keep forward.
  • Orthos Fitter: AoE outdoors of a giant battle.
  • Mithridates: The laserblade hits in a big 270-degree cone AoE; Get behind the monster to flee.
  • Orthos Durga: Diffusion Ray is a big cone AoE. Brainjack applies confusion on a random participant. Unfold to keep away from harm.

Boss: Excalibur

Make certain to make use of any buff protomanders you’ve gotten left. It is an important present, So use no matter you’ve gotten left. That features your demiclones and all.

Capacity 1 – Contradiction

Assigns a random factor to every participant. It is going to be out there quickly.

Capacity 2 – Caliberni

A frontal AoE that leaves the sword on the fringe of the world and dives to 1 aspect.

Functionality 3 – Thermal Divide

AoE streak in the course of the world. See the boss animation. One aspect is hearth, the opposite is ice. You need to strike from your personal reverse aspect. Meaning hearth gamers ought to hit with ice whereas ice gamers ought to hit with hearth.

Previous swords sprint by way of the world once more.

Capacity 4 – Name Dimension Blade

Type change for boss.

Capacity 5 – Caliber of Empty Souls

Donut AoE, boss ftry.


Capacity 5 – Caliber of Strong Souls

Level clean AoE.

Moreover, there are three conal cleaves from the boss, or spiral sample across the granule. It’s good to dodge each the In/Out Assault and the Ground Cleave Telegraph. It is simpler to default to east/west of the boss and react once you see the bottom AoE seem.

Capacity 6 – Caliberni

This time with three conal AoEs, the swords stay on the wall once more.

Capacity 7 – Contradiction (once more)

Reapplied elemental debuffs.

Capacity 8 – Frostforge or Flameforge

Whichever issue is chosen right here, you once more want the other issue. If he chooses Frost and you’ve got an Ice factor, hit one of many Hearth Swords to alter your factor to Hearth.

If you cannot get hit, stand on the finish of the row of swords close to the wall to flee because the boss rips by way of the remainder of the empty area.

Capacity 9 – Caliber of Empty Souls or Caliber of Strong Souls (once more)

Capacity 10 – Exflammius

Floor AoEs will start to kind at random areas, develop, after which ultimately explode. It repeats and overlaps in a number of waves. Attempt to escape as finest you may.


Power 10 – Exaglacialis

Three puddles fall twice. After AoEs hit, they go away behind a star-shaped AoE indicator that lights up after some time.

If they’re in a triangle with one another, you may stand straight subsequent to any inside corners and be secure. If they’re all on the identical aspect, discover one that’s not adjoining and stand on the within corners.

The boss now repeats (Thermal Divide Caliburni (Three-hit) Paradox Flame/Frostforge Strong Souls Caliber Exflammius) till completion.

Congratulations! Beneath that bass, you are finished with the Eureka Orthos.

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